Morgan + Clay | Charleston, SC Proposal

This is the story of how Morgan helped plan her own proposal without knowing it.

A few weeks before this trip I texted Morgan and our BFF Sam about shooting a wedding with me in Charleston. This is something we did a lot- whenever Sam or I booked a Charleston wedding the three of us would head to the coast and make a weekend out of it. Sam and I would photograph the wedding and Morgan would assist us, followed by a day of shopping and eating a lot of food and obsessing over houses. Clay and I knew this was the perfect excuse to get Morgan to her favorite city without her suspecting anything.

If you know Morgan you know she has strong (but great) opinions and we knew we wanted her to be able to choose her own location for the proposal. I made up a back story about how the bride had similar taste to Morgan (aka the opposite of mine) and that I needed help choosing a location for the First Look for the "wedding" we were shooting. So, a few weeks earlier when I was in Charleston I spent an afternoon sending Morgan pictures of buildings and alleyways and window boxes until we landed on the perfect house that she was excited about, having no idea that she had chosen her own proposal backdrop.

Fast forward a few weeks when we loaded up the car and took to the coast, Sam and I doing our very best to act normal and trying not to throw up from anxiety. We did all the normal Charleston things- went out to eat, walked to coffee shops, went shopping downtown- until it was time to go meet up with the "bride and groom" for their First Look. When we got to the building I had Morgan be my lighting-test model while Clay was hiding on the other side of the building. When she was in the right spot Clay came around the corner and got down on one knee, asking Morgan to be his wife (which she accepted after appropriately freaking out for a few minutes). 

Clay and Morgan, I LOVE you both so much and can't wait for your wedding in just a few months. The Lord has given you both such a gift in each other and it's been so much fun watching you fall in love these last few years.