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For a while now, I've felt the burden stirring in my heart to open up mentor sessions for other photographers. I know my career wouldn't be where it is today if I didn't have other photographers open up their businesses to me, answer my questions and help steer my photography business in the right direction. I don't have all of the answers (I doubt I ever will) but I want to share what I've learned through my mistakes and successes with whoever may need it for the season of photography they're in!

Everyone gets burned out and needs a little push. I've found myself in seasons of insecurity, doubting myself as a photographer and comparing myself to the dozens and dozens of creatives on the internet. I'm so grateful for the people I've been able to learn and get inspiration from and I would be honored to play a role in doing that for any of you that may need it! I am so excited to open up my business to you- let's be BFFs!

// How do they work?


My heart for these mentor sessions is for them to be all about your business and what it needs. Nothing is off limits and there are no secrets- whatever questions you have I'm happy to answer them!

I'm currently offering two types of mentorships to fit whatever amount of help you may need.



Let's shoot together! We'll talk through your dream couple's shoot and I'll help set it up for you. We'll meet up and do the entire shoot together, kind of like a one-on-one workshop. I'll be there to guide and critique when you ask for it, but I want to help set you up to knock the shoot out of the park and leave with images that get you excited about your business.

SHOOT + EDIT // $500

Let's be best friends! We'll still talk through your dream portfolio-building shoot and photograph the whole session together, but afterwards we'll grab dinner or coffee to edit the session side-by-side. We'll use this time to talk through your website, marketing, pricing, editing and any other questions you may have. This will give us some one-on-one time to talk specifically through your business and whatever you feel like you need help with!



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// Currently booking mentor sessions locally around Upstate South Carolina or I will happily travel to you. Let me know where you are located and we can talk through customized travel costs.

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