Do you only photograph weddings and engagements?

I don’t! I showcase mostly the couples I get to work with but I still take a handful of family, product and portrait sessions whenever my schedule allows!

How long does it take to get my pictures back?

Weddings will be delivered by 12 weeks and other sessions will be delivered within 4. I do offer 7-day rush delivery if you need your photos sooner!

How do I book you for my wedding?

Start with filling out a Contact Form to tell me all of the fun details about your plans! Once we’ve emailed back and forth to make sure I’m free on your date, I’ll send over a contract for your specific wedding package. I just need the signed contract and a $500 deposit to make it official!

I’m awkward in front of the camera. Is that ok?

Absolutely! I hear this from 99% of the people I take pictures and I feel the exact same way when I have to get in front of a camera! I promise to make enough bad jokes and tv show references that it’ll feel more like we’re hanging out together than an official photo shoot. My top priority is making sure you’re comfortable and feeling good about yourself so you don’t have to stress!


I do! I’m located in Greenville, South Carolina but would love to explore your corner of the world! You can fill out a contact form for a custom travel quote.

Do we have to do engagement photos? What if we don’t want/need them?

I actually have a good number of clients that don’t need engagement sessions, whether they live out of town, are gifted engagement sessions by other photographer friends, etc. so this question doesn’t hurt my feelings at all! If you don’t need an engagement session I offer to swap it out for a bridal session, an extra hour of coverage on your wedding day or a second photographer for your wedding. Because engagement sessions are such a great time to get to know each other, I’ll just ask that we meet up for coffee or drinks before your day so that we still get a chance to know each other beforehand!

Will you photoshop my photos?

To put it bluntly- nope! I’ll absolutely edit out all the small distractions from your photos (light switches, outlets, blemishes, etc.) but I don’t ever do any heavy photoshopping on my clients. You look awesome just the way you are and I don’t want to change that!

Have another question that I didn’t cover? Send me an email at and I’d love to answer it for you!