Dan + Dray // Intimate Colorado Wedding

This is truly one of my favorite weddings I have ever gotten to be a part of. Dan + Drayton are two of our best friends (we see them at least 2-3 times a week minimum and they're basically our neighbors) and they chose to fly their closest family and friends to Colorado for a few days before their lake-side ceremony. We went on brewery tours and took hikes and played pool in our giant mountain house and it was the best way to celebrate our favorite people getting married! I am forever thankful that they trusted me to capture this day and I hope you love this glimpse into their Colorado wedding!


The day before their wedding, the three of us hopped in our rental car and went location scouting around our cabin. These were a few test shots that I still love.

The morning of their wedding we all sat around and drank coffee together before everyone went their separate ways to get ready. It was the most perfect and relaxing way to kick off a wedding day and I still can't get over Dray's white overalls.