// a b o u t  m e :

HEY! I’m Anna- #1 fan of my sweet husband, an avid front-porch coffee drinker and I FREQUENTLY use way too many exclamation points (!!!).


I started photographing love stories 5 years ago, shortly after my own wedding, and I’ve never looked back. I think the reason I'm so passionate about capturing your wedding process is because I genuinely believe marriage is a gift that is going to mold and bless you in ways you can't imagine. Your wedding day is the beginning of an incredible adventure with your best friend and I think that's something to celebrate!

I married my high-school sweetheart, Ben, five years ago on a cold December afternoon and I 100% think marriage gets more fun every day. You can usually find us falling asleep watching Youtube videos way too late at night, working on our endless list of house projects or doing *cool, young people things* like watching The Office for the literal tenth time or splitting a pitcher of margaritas. He also may tag along to help me photograph your wedding and I promise you guys will love him as much as I do by the end of it!

// Throughout your wedding process I want to be more of a friend than a vendor, and I don’t say that flippantly. Some of my favorite humans have been past brides that I can't seem to let go of and I will probably (definitely) cry during your Father/Daughter dance at your reception. I want to be an advocate for your dreams and be the number one fan of every decision you make for your wedding! I think that wearing comfortable shoes or dancing in the rain are some of the best ways to make memories and I'll probably tell you a million times that everything is going to be perfect and that yes, you should eat one more piece of cake before you leave your reception.

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