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I'm Anna! I'm a follower of Jesus, a huge fan of my sweet husband and an avid front-porch coffee drinker. I also use a lot of exclamation points (!!!!!).



I think the reason I'm so passionate about capturing your wedding process is because I genuinely believe marriage is a gift that is going to mold and bless you in ways you can't imagine. Your wedding day is the beginning of an incredible adventure with your best friend and I think that's something to celebrate! I married my high-school sweetheart four years ago on a cold December afternoon and every day I think marriage gets more fun. You can usually find us falling asleep watching Youtube videos way too late at night, working on our endless list of house projects or doing *cool, young people things* like watching The Office for the eighth time or splitting a pitcher of margaritas.

Throughout your wedding process I want to be more of a friend than a vendor. Some of my favorite humans have been past brides that I can't seem to let go of and I will probably cry during your Father/Daughter dance at your reception. I want to be an advocate for your dreams and be the number one fan of every decision you make for your wedding. I think that wearing comfortable shoes or dancing in the rain are some of the best ways to make memories and I'll probably tell you a million times that everything is going to be perfect and that yes, you should eat one more piece of cake before you leave your reception.

Now I want to hear about you! Head to my contact page or send me an email and let's keep talking!